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Gauteng Province:



Gauteng, meaning ‘place of gold’ in Sotho, is South Africa’s smallest province, stretching from Pretoria in the north to Vereeniging in the south. It is a cosmopolitan, multicultural mix of people from all over the world and many walks of life. The main attraction of Gauteng is business, making money and spending money! However the cultural background has also got lots to offer, with many heroes and villains shaping its turbulent history, Gauteng provides the historian, big city lover, and even the out doors man plenty of opportunities to have fun! With small game and nature reserves, there are many opportunities to enjoy the tranquillity of nature too.



Gauteng is in the Highveld, which is said to offer one of the world’s best climates with crisp winter days and generally warm summer days. The rainy season is in summer with occasional thunder storms which are brief often followed by sunshine!


Johannesburg Gauteng Sun City and Lost City Soweto Shabeen Streets of Pretoria

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Top Destinations:



With a nick name of Egoli, meaning place of gold, Johannesburg stands proudly amidst the mine dumps representing their rich past. Johannesburg is the capital of Gauteng province and offers a very diverse cultural story board, with huge sky-scrapers, many townships, Indian bazaars and African medicinal doctors. Johannesburg has lots of opportunities for every kind of person.


Pretoria (Tshwane)


About 50 km north of Johannesburg lies the administritive capital of South Africa 'Pretoria (Tshwane)'. The population, just under a million, consists mainly of officials, and in Pretoria life goes at a much slower pace than in the hectic Johannesburg. It is surrounded by protecting mountains and the streets are filled with jacaranda trees, the exotic trees were imported from South America some 100 years ago and gave the town its nickname: "Jacaranda City." The climate is subtropical with hot, wet summers and relatively mild, dry winters.




Sandton is one of Southern Africa's most prosperous business, commercial and residential districts with its own sophisticated first world appeal. A cosmopolitan atmosphere permeates its international hotels, conference venues and shopping malls. Upmarket recreational facilities including theatres, restaurants and business centres combine to make Sandton a distinctive business and leisure destination.


Known as ‘Africa’s richest square mile’, Sandton has headed upward with a barrage of Manhattan-style skyscrapers that function as landmarks throughout Johannesburg, particularly Sandton City’s pyramid-style rooftop. Visit Nelson Mandela Square, various art galleries, or go on a personal walking tour that takes in 29 Sandton landmarks and stops off at various restaurants...why not?






Main Attractions:

Cradle of Human Kind


Gauteng’s world famous heritage site is located at Sterkfontein. The cradle of human kind is of major significance, as this is where caves have produced more than half of the world’s hominid fossils. Take a tour through the caves and the small museum with a knowledgeable guide who is sdedicated to informing you about the various discoveries that have been made.




This is a beautiful low range of hills that is not far from Johannesburg, it offers a wonderful arts and crafts route with lots of options of getaway spots and wildlife to enjoy. With hiking, horse rides and many other outdoor activities, there are many options for the nature lover.




For a bit of cultural background and history, a visit to Soweto is ideal; it is a city that developed as a township for the black people under the Aparthied regime, as this is where most of the struggle of apartheid was fought. It is now a city of enterprise and cultural interaction, with homes ranging from mansions to make shift shacks. A popular place to visit is Kilptown, the home of former president Nelson Mandela among many others.